Why should you hire an Executive Coach?

“I do not think that there is any other quality so essential to success of any kind as the quality of perseverance. It overcomes almost everything, even nature. “  John D. Rockefeller

Executive coaching is an efficient, high-impact process that helps high-performing people in leadership roles improve results in ways that are sustained over time. It is efficient because, unlike traditional consulting assignments, it does not require invasive processes, large outside teams, and lengthy reports and analyses to get results. Executive Coaching is about helping you improve your own capabilities and effectiveness, so that the results and performance improvements last. Executive Coaching can be integrated into almost any profession such as entrepreneurs, executives, managers, and up-and-coming leaders in an organization. Executive Coaching encourages you to make difficult decisions, step out of your comfort zone, stop destructive behavior, embrace change, and shift performance.

What are the issues Executive Coaching can solve for you?

Research reveals that a top reason why people hire a professional is because he or she has a proven methodology that addresses a top problem. Coaching and Counseling frameworks give you that methodology.

  • Reframing limiting beliefs that are holding back your career or organization
  • Eliminating a behavioral issue that is hurting performance and could derail your career
  • Helping you be more influential
  • Setting strategic direction
  • Improving team performance
  • Engaging and mobilizing employees
  • Creating a high-performance culture
  • Leading change
  • Completing a significant performance improvement initiative
  • Communicating with impact
  • Strengthening your power base of relationships
  • Getting control of your time
  • Having difficult conversations to improve results
  • Having a trusted confidante to deposit the sorrows of your mind
  • Benefiting from unconditional support helping you sustain motivation
  • Gaining buy-in for an idea from stakeholders throughout the organization
  • Building a strong relationship with your manager
  • Thinking comprehensively and rationally about issues
  • Succeeding in one’s first 90 days in the organization
  • Personal branding for career success
  • Resolving a conflict
  • Career planning for managers and executives
  • Balancing the personal domains with work
  • The attitudes of the successful leader
  • Improving leadership presence
  • Creating a succession plan
  • Developing future leaders among high-potential managers
  • Getting out of the business, instead of constantly fighting fires.

As an Executive Coach, I typically work with clients in short online meetings (i.e., 30 minutes per session). During this time, my client and I can generate important insights, gain clarity, focus, and make decisions to improve performance. The results you can expect from Executive Coaching are outcomes, usually related to career success, organizational effectiveness, improved leadership and communication skills, personal satisfaction. 

Check out our Executive Coaching Programs.

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Evidence Coaching
Evidence Coaching
I am a highly trained Psychotherapist, Counsellor, Certified Professional Coach, Nutrition & Diet Advisor, Holistic Therapist and founder of Evidence Coaching; a private integrative coaching & counselling practice located in Barcelona, Spain. I work with clients of all cultural and professional backgrounds as well as an exclusive clientele. I offer face-to-face services for my clients living in the greater Barcelona area, on demand around the globe as well as distance services via phone, Skype and email in French, English and German. You want to give your private or professional life a fresh impetus? Address your concerns? Contact me to find out how my services can positively impact Your personal and professional life! Guaranteed discretion and confidentiality. Welcome to Evidence Coaching’s exclusive world.

Carole Besson - [email protected] - Founder of Evidence Coaching, Dip.Psych, Dip.CBT, Dip.Couns (online), Dip.NLP Master Practitioner, Certified Professional Coach (CPC, CEC, CCC), Nutrition & Diet Advisor, Holistic Therapist.
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