« Regular men want women, money and power. » I don’t want a regular man.

About men, women, money and power.

This morning I started the day by having a look at my twitter feed. One of the great things about Twitter is the ability to keep abreast of what’s happening. Whether it’s local or international news, so-called influential tweeters or buddies, you can quickly get a snapshot of what’s going on that matters to you. This is the reason why I like it and I have made a daily routine of it. For those among you who belong to my French network, you may have read my article about performance and why it is important that you learn to set daily routines to help you remain focused and improve your productivity and resilience. In case, you missed the article, here is where you can find it: https://evidencecoaching.com/fr/psychologie-du-succes/07/attitudes-gagnantes/. For those among you who speak English, I hardly encourage you to read about the importance of setting daily routines. There are hundreds of articles about this subject, it should be easy to find information on this subject. You can also get back to me any time, I will be pleased to share this piece of information with you.

Anyway, this morning, I came across this sentence “Regular men want women, money and power.” This sentence came from a man who had posted a video showing him in the nature, sharing a simple and joyful moment with his family and his dogs. The sentence immediately found resonance with me and I began questioning myself about evolution and, more specifically, the lack of it. The first association that came to my mind was the concept of “reptilian” brain. I have found a great definition about what our “reptilian brain” is on the following website: http://www.eruptingmind.com/beating-the-reptilian-brain/ and I am going to share some extracts with you.

“Most people tend to think of the brain as one large single organ, as one brain. What some may not be aware however, is that during the 1950s a doctor and researcher named Paul MacLean came up with a controversial – of course, if you don’t comply with mainstream society’s norms, your thoughts and findings are necessarily controversial…what nonsense! – new theory that humans have not one brain but three. Doctor MacLean proposed that, through evolutionary time, the human brain began to evolve and become more complex. As the brain evolved, a new brain was formed over the older brain until there were three distinct brains, each with its own purpose and function. The “Reptilian brain” is our first and oldest brain. It evolved to serve our genes by driving fundamental needs such as survival, mating, feeding and self-maintenance. Because of this role, the “reptilian brain” is said to be very animalistic and primitive in its nature.”

This said, let’s go back to my sentence “Regular men want women, money and power” and to the cross-correlations we can eventually find between this sentence and the reptilian brain. The reptilian brain carries out a set program of behavioral responses when presented with certain external triggers. External triggers – how interesting! Here are examples of external triggers: a picture of a woman with false breasts and false lips on LinkedIn showcasing her fleshly attributes – isn’t LinkedIn supposed to be a website for professionals? Maybe I have a misguided concept of a website for professionals. There are numerous examples of external triggers, I don’t need to elaborate more on this. Let’s go on understanding our friend “the reptilian brain”. The “reptilian brain” does not learn from its mistakes – oups….Have you heard about the concept of extremely huge ego and its devastating impact on people, loved ones, teams and yourself? – and understands only images – when I think about the number of the pictures that are shared each day and what some of them show, it gives me a lot of food for thought about the state of mind, the state of awakening and the state of evolution of the person who shared them.

Some of the traits associated with the reptilian brain include: aggression, dominance, seeking a mate, sex, rigidity, obsessiveness, compulsiveness, worship, fear, submission and greed. Now, I will let you come to your own conclusions and find correlations between each of these behaviors and the following three words “women, money and power.” Think about some of the men – politicians and some leaders – that rule this world and how they behave towards others as well as their relation towards women, money and power. I am taking the example of men because the sentence I read this morning was about men but this also applies to some women who are often described as venal. Our friend Cro-Magnon man was only at the beginning of our evolution as human species so I have full understanding for his primitive behavior. As far as we are concerned, we are in 2017 and it seems that the reptilian brain still rules the world we live in. This leaves me rather confused about the concept of evolution and kind of speechless which is the reason why I thought I wanted to share this with you this morning and see what you think.

As far as I am concerned, there is one thing I know for sure: I don’t want a regular man! I want an enlightened man who will not feel the need to identify himself to the reptilian-brain-driven wolf pack and act the way they do. I want a man who will take pride in being different, in respecting others, in leading with ecological values, in inspiring the world by his genuine and ethical acts and behaviors. I want a man who will not be afraid to be different and who will act courageously towards the pressure of the reptilian-brain-driven wolf pack and its rules. I want a man who is able to understand that life should definitely not be guided by our reptilian brain but by our heart. Love and respect are what we need to heal the world and make it a better place. Free yourself from the reptilian-brain-driven wolf pack misguided values. Join me to make the world a better place and show how incredibly good and generous people can be. We used to be a community caring for one another – let’s go back to this, now!

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