Psychometric assessments are THE cornerstone to successful Leadership Coaching

At Evidence Coaching, we look to psychometric assessments as a source for sound, objective information to support the leadership coaching process.

Psychometric assessments allow us to develop an objective framework to reach your goals.

Psychometric assessments can offer enlightening information, providing a framework to guide us in developing a coaching plan that will focus on your goals. By understanding your goals in relation to your organization’s objectives, we can help you create strategies to support your development as a leader. The assessment results will also provide a baseline against which to measure your improvement.

Psychometric assessments foster strong self-awareness.

Since a significant aspect of leadership coaching is creating self-awareness, your assessment results can be extremely useful to provide insight into your strengths and gaps. By identifying gaps, or development opportunities, we assist you in developing a plan to close them. Assessments can also help to identify your over-strengths, which is when you use a strength to the extreme and to the detriment of your performance. By developing a plan to manage your over strengths, you can better align your leadership development goals with those of the organization.

Psychometric assessments make the coaching process efficient.

Your assessment results provide insights in such areas as personality, leadership style, and organizational focus that might otherwise take a long time to surface in the coaching relationship. Assessment data can be extremely helpful in focusing on where you want to go and how to get there in the most efficient and effective manner possible.

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