Psychometric testing is becoming the norm.

Psychometric testing is now used by over 80% of the Fortune 500 companies in the USA and by over 75% of the Times Top 100 companies in the UK. Information technology companies, financial institutions, management consultancies, local authorities, the civil service, police forces, fire services and the armed forces all make extensive use of use psychometric testing.

It has also been found that around 70% of SMEs worldwide use psychometric tests.

As an indicator of a candidate’s personality, preferences and abilities, psychometric tests can help your company to find the best match of individual to occupation and working environment. As a recruitment and selection tool, these tests can be applied in a straightforward way at the early stages of selection to screen-out candidates who are likely to be unsuitable for the job. They can also provide management with guidance on career progression for existing employees.

A psychometric test must be:

Because of their importance in making personnel decisions it is vital that the tests themselves are known to produce accurate results based on standardized methods and statistical principles.

A psychometric test must be:

  • Objective: The score must not affected by the testers' beliefs or values
  • Standardized: It must be administered under controlled conditions
  • Reliable: It must minimize and quantify any intrinsic errors
  • Predictive: It must make an accurate prediction of performance
  • Non-discriminatory: It must not disadvantage any group on the basis of gender, culture, ethnicity, etc.

At Evidence Coaching, we work with extremely reliable psychometric tests.

Our innovative online assessment instruments help your CEOs, HR professionals and line managers to make reliable and defendable business and talent decisions. Our tools are built on the solid foundations of research and psychometrics and are short, meaningful and user- friendly. Our online assessment solutions measure your organizational culture as well as your employees’ skills, abilities, attributes, behavior and personality characteristics via tests or questionnaires that are provided online.

Our assessment solutions combine traditional statistical analysis with cutting-edge techniques, including learning algorithms and artificial intelligence. This expertise gives you a greater understanding of assessment data, as we can quickly spot patterns, emerging trends and any irregularities. We use this combination of methods in our assessments as well as predictive behavior analytics.

The great advantage of combining all of this information together - and making sense of it - is that we can draw more insightful conclusions and therefore help you to make better talent decisions.

Our assessment solutions help you:

  • Save time during the hiring process
  • Create an efficient and effective hiring process
  • Select the right fit for a job
  • Avoid costly hiring mistakes
  • Increase employee satisfaction
  • Guide your own professional development
  • Improve employee morale, productivity, and satisfaction
  • Decrease staff turnover
  • Assess and predict the behavior of a candidate
  • Provide training, development and coaching guidelines to effectively manage an individual and/or a team
  • Assess your corporate culture and link it to your financial and performance metrics to build a high-performance culture
All our Assessment Solutions can be fully managed online and do not require an onsite presence unless you require it. This means you can access our services from anywhere in the world. We serve you in English, French, German and Spanish.
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