Evidence Coaching is the result of 10 years of studies and extensive international consultations aiming at understanding and mastering the assessment tools, technics and strategies that best help individuals and companies explore and exploit their full potential. We have elaborated a 3-steps integrated leadership development concept named “Leadership L3” which allows us to support your organization at the following stages: recruitment, onboarding, development, retention, while fostering behavioral exemplarity, developing competencies and laying the foundations for a corporate growth mindset.

Our “Leadership L3” model provides an efficient, proven framework to support your organization:

Our goal is to ensure we provide you with the world’s best assessment solutions wherever you are located in the world and that you can access online. We represent and deliver Employee Assessment Solutions designed to meet your business objectives: from pre-employment, talent management, workforce development, team-building, leadership to predictive behavior.

We also represent and deliver organizational Culture Assessment Solutions. At the economic level, a well-developed culture brings your organization dramatic, sustained increases in productivity and performance. The Denison Model we use links your organizational culture to your organizational performance metrics such as Sales Growth, Return on Equity (ROE), Return on Investment (ROI), Customer Satisfaction, Innovation, Employee Satisfaction, Quality and more. Within this model, your organization gains actionable insights to visibly improve business results within 12 months.

In addition to your culture performance, effective leadership is what can separate your company form the competition. We help your company develop leadership coaching and leadership development trainings that align with your strategy, culture, values, structure and processes.

Our partner support team is made up of professionals with backgrounds in management, organizational psychology, human resource management, coaching, consulting, education, and information technology.

We are all committed to your total satisfaction. Read what our clients say about us.

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“Talent is a key opportunity for difference making. The shifts in the world economy are playing a role in workforce trends. The costs of overseas labor markets rise. Human capital strategy needs to become an increasingly important topic not just at the CEO level but deeper into the organization.”

Carole besson, CEO, Founder of Evidence Coaching Ltd,
Executive Coach, Leadership Expert, Assessment Consultant