What issues/challenges can our coaching help you with?

  • Career issues & exploration: Career change, career advancement, career development
  • Workplace: stress, time management, work-life imbalances, communication & interpersonal Skills, emotional intelligence development, bullying & harassment, abrasive but brilliant managers, difficult behaviors, verbal abuse
  • Leadership: developing your emotional intelligence, adjusting your communication, non-verbal cues, behavior, building your personal brand
  • Low self-esteem, lack of confidence Anxiety & anger management
  • Life issues: making adjustments, setting goals for yourself
  • Life purpose: finding and exploring your life purpose
  • Self-image: negative (body) image, self-image improvement
  • Performance: learning the psychological skills to get back on track after low performance or defeats, increase performance

Does any of these statements sound familiar to you? Are you currently facing a situation we have not listed? Take the time to have a look at the detailed list shown in the enclosed PDF file.

We will address your personal issues and goals and work on a tailor- made solution for you.

Interacting with expats, I have realized that only very few are prepared and ready for a career abroad. Working abroad is more demanding than an assignment in one’s own country. It requires empathy, respect, non-judgment, tolerance and a true desire to understand the culture of the new country.

Carole besson, CEO, Founder of Evidence Coaching Ltd,
Executive Coach, Leadership Expert, Assessment Consultant

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