Coaching is a one-to-one and group service for executives or line managers designed to bring about more effective, healthier organizations. Hence, when leaders improve their performance, such benefits spread throughout the organization. In a sense, exposing senior leaders to the coaching experience has a flow-on effect of precipitating a coaching culture within the organization itself. Coaching has become a viable option for businesses and organizations looking to operate at peak performance. Where training and workshops are usually general in nature when everyone learns the same set of material, coaching is individualized and specifically tailored to the person.In most leadership coaching situations, the real objective is to help successful people become even more effective. Effective coaches go to great lengths to emphasize the unique talents and abilities of a person as well as emphasize his/her potential. It’s about challenging people and helping them change their behavior. It’s about encouraging people to be open to change, to step-up, and to be more responsible corporate citizens. Not surprisingly, leadership coaching improves the bottom line.

At Evidence Coaching, we are specialized in Executive/Leadership Coaching.

Executive/Leadership Coaching is meant to meet organizational needs.

It is a collaborative, individualized relationship between a LEADER and a COACH — the leader could well be an executive, manager, supervisor, team leader or business owner for example — anyone in charge or responsible for a group of people. Our experience has shown that coaching when combined with assessment tools is one of the most effective tools available to take leadership development to a deeper and more sustainable level – whether focused on the individual, groups, teams, or the entire organization.

Executive/Leadership Coaching will benefit you in the following situation:

  • Develop a more effective leadership style or manner
  • Gain more influence in your organization, speed up personal development
  • Improve interpersonal or communication skills
  • Develop “superstar” workers
  • Manage “difficult” people, implement difficult changes
  • Optimize priority setting and time management
  • Enhance presentation, public speaking and networking skills
  • Engage in career development & planning
  • Learn how to have crucial conversations
  • Deal with conflict and learn conflict-management skills
  • Learn how to manage upwards
  • Recognize and implement effective staff development
  • Strengthen self-confidence, assertiveness and well-being
  • Improve interpersonal or communication skills
  • Launch a new initiative
  • Get commitment and build alignment among your team
  • Make a transition to a new role or organization
  • Avoid burnout and balance work, family, hobbies, and health
  • Make decisions with incomplete information
  • Get clarity about organizational strategy and direction
  • Make improvements in response to negative feedback from colleagues

Usually, as a leader, you already have good instincts about what to do.

Why you would need an Executive Coach is to listen to your concerns, serve as a sounding board, debate with you, ask probing questions, when appropriate, offer advice and insights about things you might be missing and help you strengthen your communication and behavioral skills.

There are different ways of approaching Leadership Coaching: Context-focused, Process-focused and Content-focused. We are specialized in the Context-focused approach.

Context-focused Leadership Coaching is about who you are as a leader, the tone you set, the messages you convey, the relationships you build, and what you do and don’t tolerate. Examples include:

  • Better communicate
  • Collaborate more effectively
  • Handle conflict appropriately
  • Influence colleagues and managers without using formal authority
  • Get a better response from employees

  • Improve relationships with superiors
  • Be more politically astute when recommending ideas
  • Transition to a new, unfamiliar role
  • Be more assertive
  • Eliminate behavioral “blind spots” that are hurting performance
  • Develop your emotional intelligence
  • Build on talents

Process-focused Leadership Coaching that helps you lay out a structure and an action plan to get things done. Content-focused Leadership coaching where you would ask the coach to share with you his/her knowledge about specific areas of business. Context is often the missing piece that prevents process- and content-related engagements from succeeding.


  • Their job is to push people or drive them.
  • They talk at people by telling, directing and lecturing.
  • They control others through the decisions they make.
  • They know the answers.
  • They trigger insecurity through administering a healthy dose of fear as an effective way to achieve compliance.
  • They believe that their job is to point out errors.
  • They believe in solving problems and making decisions.
  • They believe in delegating responsibility.
  • They create structure and procedures for peoples to follow.
  • They believe in doing things right.
  • They believe that their power lies in their knowledge.
  • The focus on the bottom line.


  • To lift and support peoples.
  • To engage in dialogue with people by asking, requesting and listening.
  • To facilitate others to make decisions and empower them to implement their own decisions.
  • They know the answers.
  • To use purpose to inspire commitment and stimulate creativity.
  • To celebrate learning while pointing out errors.
  • To facilitate others to solve problems and make decisions.
  • To practice modelling accountability.
  • To crate vision and promote flexibility thorough values as guidelines for behavior.
  • To encourage the right behaviors and lead by example.
  • To share the right behaviors and lead by example.
  • To share their knowledge with team and help team members grow.
  • To focus on the process that creates the bottom line results.

Our individual coaching sessions will be fully adapted to your needs while we make sure we lay your personal and professional growth on solid foundations. These foundations include:

  • Changing behaviors: Influence colleagues and managers without using formal authority, get a better response from employees, eliminate behavioral “blind spots” that are hurting performance
  • Developing emotional intelligence: Build on talents, be more assertive, better communicate
  • Learning techniques to collaborate more effectively: Handle conflict appropriately, improve relationships with superiors and team, be more politically astute when recommending ideas
  • Improving leadership and management style and performance: People management, Leadership, Communication, Developing self and others, Self-control, Self-confidence, Anger Management….

Executive/Leadership Coaching can also be applied to a Team. While we will adapt our team coaching sessions to your business needs, we will make sure they contain the following features which are all key to developing an effective team:

  • Identify current barriers between team members
  • Develop adaptation and listening capacity within the team
  • Learn to better communicate and interact with one another
  • Define a common vision for the team
  • Do a Team SWOT analysis to identify strengths and weaknesses and provide solutions
  • Increase engagement within team
  • Learn to better work together
  • Learn tools to better communicate and avoid anger and crisis situations
  • Foster decision-making
  • Identify lack of operational skills
  • Identify reasons for lack of motivation and decreased productivity
  • Learn to use emotional intelligence and to master the art of feedback
  • Be aware of potential crisis situations and learn strategies

The leadership coaching process for both individuals and teams can be divided into six phases each of which the coach needs to go to perform effectively. These six phases include the following:

  • Building and maintaining coaching relationships
  • Contracting
  • Assessment using psychometric tests
  • Development planning
  • Facilitating development and change
  • Ending formal coaching and transitioning to long-term development
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Our Executive/Leadership Coaching methodology is optimized for online coaching and assessment services. You can access our services wherever you are located in the world. On request, we can provide you with f2f services. We operate in English, French, German and Spanish.